Stock Topper

Standard Specifications Optional Specifications
Length 6’ Length 8’
Width 46” Width Per Customer Request
Height 42” Height Per Customer Request
Sides HD Extruded Side Panels Five (5) 1’x2-1/2” Side Posts/Side 5-1/2” Air Gap Sides Hinged Cover Panels Non-Hinged Cover Panels Lexan Cover Panel
Rear Door Double Doors o   Rear Latch w/ Handle o   Rear Air Gap Rear Door Non-Hinged Cover Panels
Floor Floor Diamond Tread
Roof HD Roof Rail Aluminum Roof Skin Roof
Center Gate Center Gate 2 Piece Center Gate o   Side Latches to Hold Open

Dual HoldbackDual Divider DoorsRears Doors and LatchStandard Vents
  Door HoldbackDual Divider DoorsRear Doors and LatchStandard Vents