Show Trailer


Why choose aluminum?

  • Most owners are not going to be using their trailer daily. While your trailer is not in use and sitting, steel trailer owners have to be concerned about their investment rusting away.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum is much more practical to pull .
  • Steel requires maintaining the paint finish, which can get expensive. When a steel surface is scratched it is vulnerable to rust. Aluminum is resistant to rust.
  • In the event repair is needed, steel repair can be very expensive. If steel bends, it typically likes to stay bent. 
  • Enjoy a smoother ride when choosing aluminum

Custom Classic Show Trailers - Head turning appeal

We offer a beautiful black overlay – welded over .100 smooth aluminum, strength without the distraction of rivets


Single Wire for Electrical run front to rear, with no splices 
LED Interior Dome Lights
Floor Stands for Center Gates offered both opened or closed
Aluminum rims at 3750 capacity each
Additional Framing inside of fender wells added for strength
Floor Stand on Center Gates

Standard Specifications Optional Specifications
Length 16’ Length 12’ – 18’
Width 6’ 8” Width 7’, 7’ 6”, 8’
Height 6’ 6” Height 6’, 7’
Nose Configuration Flat Nose
3003 Aluminum – 0.100 Thick o Welded to Side Posts NOT Riveted
Nose Configuration Vee Nose
Diamond Plate on Lower Portion
Black, White, Stainless Overlays
Center Gate One (1) w/ Swing Walk Thru Door
Hold Up Blocks – Open & Shut Positions
HD Slam Latch – Cast Aluminum
Outside Slam Latch Release Handle
Four (4) HD Extruded Hinges w/ Replaceable Brass Bushings and Stainless Steel Bolt
Center Gate Slider Door
Air Gaps per Customer’s Request Lo Pro Center Gates
Pen System ILO Center Gate Pen System ILO Center Gate Individual Pens per Customers Request
Removable Gates and Center Posts
Stainless Steel Rods w/ Safety Stops
Escape Door RH 30” Wide
Pressure Latch-Cast Aluminum
Escape Door LH Side: Sealed Escape Door
Rear Gate Double Swing (Both Ways) w/ Window
Three (3) HD Strap Hinges per Door
Cam Latch w/ Safety Chain  
Rear Gate
Side Walls 1/8” Extruded 6005A Panels 1”x2-1/2” Side Posts on 16” Center Two (2) Top Air Gaps – Approx. 5-1/2” Wide Side Walls Air Gaps per Customer Request
Floor Traction Floor – Extruded 1-3/4”x8” Interlocking Tongue and Groove Floor Crimped Extruded Floor
Axles Two (2) Dexter 3,500# on 12’ – 14’ Trailers, Electric Brakes, Grease Hubs, ST225/75Rx15 Tires, Steel Wheels Two (2) Dexter 6,000# on 16’-18’ Trailers Electric Brakes, Grease Hubs, 235/80Rx16 Tires, Steel Wheels Axles Easy Lube Hubs Chrome Hub and Nut Covers Aluminum Wheels Stainless Steel Simulators
Fenders Smooth Teardrop Fender Fenders Diamond Tread Teardrop on 6’ 6” Wide 8” Board Fender on 7’ Wide Trailer 5” Smooth Fender on 7’ 6” Wide Trailer 2” Smooth Fender on 8’ Wide Trailer
Vents Two (2) Top 5-1/2” Air Gaps Vents Multiple Air Gaps per Customer Request Optional Bottom 3” Air Gap – No Charge Two Way Roof Vents
Vent Covers Vent Covers Lexan in Any or All Side and Rear Air Gaps Hinged Aluminum Cover Panels Non-Hinged Panels Attached w/ Screws
Lights One (1) Interior Light w/ Switch Two (2) LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights on Rear 2” Round LED Rear Marker Lights ¾” LED Button Side and Front Marker Lights oThree Center Front Marker Lights o Three Marker Lights Down Each Side Lights Two (2) Back Up Lights – 6” LED Oval Two (2) Rear Load Lights – 6” LED Oval Side Roof Rail Lights Above or Below Fender Marker/Turn Lights Additional ¾” LED Side Marker Lights


Air Vents

Air Gap Covers – Lexan Top  – Hinged Aluminum Bottom

Air Gaps

Bottom Cover Panel Open

Escape Door

LH Sealed Escape Door


Smooth Teardrop Fenders


Gate Systems

Convert Pen Size System & Open Aisle Side

Gate Pin Retainer & 50/50 Pen Layout

Aisle Pen System & Rear Pen

Isle Gates & Spring Latch On Removable Pole


A-Frame Jack

Top Crank Handle


Interior Light

LED Interior Light

Standard Light Package with Backup Light Upgrade


Full Width Ramp Closed

Full Width Ramp Open

Removable Rear Ramp

Rubber Covered Ramp

Side Ramp

Rear Doors

Butterfly Rear Doors

Full Panel Door

Full Swing w/ Slider Door

Rear Vent Windows